High School Students

12 Week or 4 Week Program

High School Students & Recent Graduates


 12 WEEK PROGRAM (1 lecture session per week) or

 4 WEEK ACCELERATED PROGRAM (3 lecture sessions per week)


Convert a dream into a goal; break down the goal into tangible steps using tools

Define and establish mentor relationships

Define and complete contracts between the student and him/herself, mentor(s) and accountability partner(s)

Demonstrate the importance of a positive mental attitude

Discuss and demonstrate strategies for overcoming perceived obstacles

Demonstrate importance of staying focused

Discuss and demonstrate internal and external motivation

Discuss realigning priorities to ensure best opportunities for goal accomplishment

Demonstrate the concept of continuous self- improvement 

Granting Avenues Steps to Success Career Discovery Program


 Session 1- Workbook overview/ Brainstorming

Session 2- Introducing Tools – STEPS TO SUCCESS™ Worksheet

Session 3- Introducing Tools- Mentors

Session 4- Introducing Tools- Contracts

Session 5- Overcoming Obstacles- Attitude

Session 6- Mental Toughness- Perseverance

Session 7- Focused Mentality- “The Business of YOU”

Session 8- Focused Mentality- Time Spending vs. Time Investing vs. Time Wasting

Session 9- Motivation- Internal/External

Session 10- Refocus- Hit the restart button

Session 11- Building Your Personal Brand

Session 12- Closing- Recap- Certificate Presentations