About Us



Granting Avenues was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to develop a plan for their own success.


GRANTING AVENUES has done research into what makes someone successful and what does not. We have also compiled lists of habits and mindsets of highly successful individuals.

GRANTING AVENUES helps each student tap into the dream they had as a child of one day becoming successful at what they found to be exciting and fulfilling. 

GRANTING AVENUES provides each student techniques to rediscover their passions and helps them define what it means to be successful.

GRANTING AVENUES helps students research careers that  fit within  identified activities of interest, and assists the students in setting goals to acquire roles in identified industries. 

GRANTING AVENUES guides each student in developing a plan to successfully achieve those goals.

GRANTING AVENUES teaches each student techniques to overcome obstacles, stay focused, trust their research and persevere through the process. 


Our Founder


Larry T. Grant, Jr., M.S.



Mr. Grant's professional career can be defined as Law Enforcement and Security centered.  During his time as a police officer, he served as a lead narcotics detective and as a Tactical Operations Team Leader. He spent 11 years as a police officer before leveraging that experience into a career in the private sector. Mr. Grant has also proven leadership in the private sector as a corporate security consultant and a security & compliance investigator. Mr. Grant established an executive protection program and led that initiative until he was recruited to take on his next challenge of AVP of Physical Security & Safety and most recently as Director of Personnel Operations. 

Throughout his career. Mr. Grant has taken the time to talk to, and learn from CEOs, department heads, university professors, professional athletes, community leaders, professional entertainers, engineers, business owners, military officers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, as well as television and radio personalities; individuals who have consistently made decisions that have resulted in successes in the eyes of the decision maker. 

Comparing what he learned from these groups, he uncovered variables that are consistently found in what is considered successful lifestyles and careers:

  • A personal definition of success
  • Consistent list of long term and short term goals
  • Time sensitive plan to achieve those goals
  • Constant ritual of self improvement
  •  These variables are just as consistently absent from lifestyles or decisions that can easily be described as unsuccessful

Equally, Mr. Grant has also taken the time to talk to and learn from, convicted felons, homeless individuals and families, persons chemically dependent (both alcohol and illicit drugs), documented gang members, incarcerated adults and juveniles, chronically unemployed individuals, individuals who have to work multiple full-time jobs; individuals who have made decisions that have resulted unsuccessfully in the eyes of the decision maker. 

The listed attributes found in the mindsets of those with what are considered successful careers, are absent from the mindsets of those who are considered unsuccessful decision makers.  

Mr. Grant has developed a strategy to deliver a program specifically designed to equip students with the necessary tools and processes to:

  • Discover their personal definition of a successful career
  • Identify and develop goals to reach that successful career 
  • Strategically develop plans to transform those goals into achievements 
  • Develop habits to continuously improve personally and professionally

 Mr. Grant was featured on Security Pro Insights Podcast