2 Day Boot Camp

Weekend 2-day Program

Accelerated Course for Working Adults



Demonstrate the GRANTING AVENUES-STEPS TO SUCCESS Program's concepts, tools and proven strategies.

Discuss the mentality and work ethic needed to become and prolong success, in all facets of life.

Guide through the process of removing/avoiding obstacles that impede personal growth.

Help to build the mindset of continuous self improvement and marketing your personal brand.


Steps to Success 2 Day Boot-Camp


 Day 1 

                   Workbook Overview/ Brainstorming

                   Introducing Tools- Steps to Success


                   Introducing Tools- Mentors

                   Introducing Tools- Contracts

 Day 2                               

                   Overcoming Obstacles- Attitude

                   Focused Mentality- The Business of You

                   Motivation- Internal/ External

                   Building Your Personal Brand

                   Closing- Recap- Certificate Presentations